Youth Development Week 2018

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Monday 16th April 2018 to Friday 20th April 2018


When & Where

Dates: Monday 16th April 2018 to Friday 20th April 2018 

Place: Marsden Yacht & Boat Club, One Tree Point ( 30 mins south of Whangarei)

Sessions: 9:30am to 3:00pm 

5 sessions $150 per person.

Boats, buoyancy aids and coaching provided. (If you have your own boat please feel free to bring it)



Sailing program for young sailors looking to develop their skills and have more fun on the water.

  • Sail Fast & Try an Open Bic


  • Introduction to Racing with Open Bic

If you have your own boat feel free to bring it.

Progress sailing under the coaching of qualified Yachting NZ coaches with special appearances from Yachting NZ for some clinics.  




What you will need


Things to bring:

  • Hats
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun Screen
  • Water bottle
  • Swimming costume
  • Clothes you don't mind getting wet
  • Shoes you don't mind getting wet
  • A splash top/wind layer
  • Towel
  • Change of clothing
  • Food and drink
  • Wetsuit, splash top, buoyancy aid, booties if you have your own
  • Own boat if you have one


Club Facilities


The yacht club has male and female changing facilities, toilets and warm showers.

It also has some the best views of the Whangarei Harbour.


Parental Involvement


Parents are not required to assist but are welcome at all times.  If you would like to stay around we ask that you let our coaches do what they are best at.

Program for Week

(Subject to change for weather and coaching discretion)

Day 1

Sail Fast

  • Recap – Boat rigging and set up
  • Recap – launching and recovery
  • Recap – Tacking/gybing and capzsize
  • Recap knots
  • Introduction on shore to Open Bic


  • Introduction on shore to Open Bic
  • Boat set up – Advanced use of kicker, down haul, outhaul
  • Sail setting for optimum performance
  • Practical demonstration on water
  • Start procedures and practice of starts
  • Race 1 & 2


Day 2

Sail Fast

  • More advanced lingo
  • Tidal currents and effects, weather
  • Balance essentials and practical application on water
  • Games to develop awareness of different points of sail and balance
  • Boat handling – sailing backwards, coming alongside, stopping/starting


  • Start lines, biases, tidal current effects
  • Roll tacking, upwind tactics
  • Reading wind shifts and what to do.
  • Practice on water roll tacking to whistle and number of tacks can do in given distance race.
  • Short upwind practice races
  • Race 3 & 4

Day 3

Sail Fast

  • Recap of balance essentials & boat handling
  • Points of Sail - Advanced
  • On water practice of points of sail – sailing triangle course
  • Fun race
  • Launching & retrieving – more tips
  • Knots


  • Recap boat set up, start lines, upwind tactics and roll tacking
  • Mark rounding
  • Clinic and onwater tuition – Kim Admore
  • Practice on water – roll tacking and mark rounding
  • Short upwind/downwind practice races incorporating
  • Race 5 & 6

Day 4

Sail Fast

  • Tacking and gybing – More advanced techniques
  • Practice on water tacking and gybing
  • Games to reinforce different points of sail, balance, tacking and gybing
  • Fun race around triangle
  • Capsize – more advanced technique
  • Try an Open Bic (Weather permitting)


  • Clinic and onwater tuition – Kim Admore
  • Down wind techniques and tactics
  • Gybing with finesse
  • Basic racing rules affecting downwind tactics
  • Practice on water downwind sailing and gybing
  • Backdown to earth! Race optimists winner takes all
  • Race 7 & 8 (Back in Open Bics)

Day 5


Sail Fast

Practice, practice, practice, Assessments and fun race


Practice, practice, practice, Race 9 & 10 

End of Week Barbecue and Prize giving

Further Information


For more information please contact Andy Baker using the contact details provided on the "contact us" page.



MYBC is working with Sail Northland Charitable Trust, Open Bic, Onerahi Yacht Club , Whangarei Cruising Club and Yachting NZ to bring a new step in developing your kids skills at sailing but still maintaining the fun.  We've chartered 10 Open Bics, a fantastic innovation in youth sailing that brings a new edge and excitement to the sport. We'll also have a fleet of optimists to provide a stable platform for the newer sailors to progress their sailing.



To register please complete the online form and make payment to the MYBC bank account shown on the registration form.





See you on the water.

The MYBC and SNCT sailing team